Peru Tour: Top Activities for Your Arequipa Vacation

The perfect destination for culture, history,Peru Tour: Top Activities for Your Arequipa Vacation Articles and cuisine, Arequipa beckons exploration during your trip to Peru. Read this article to discover the best activities for your time in this marvelous city, the perfect place to include in your Peru tour itinerary.

Walk through the City Square and Local Markets

Take a walk towards the city square Peru tour packages while marveling at the architecture that makes Arequipa City a unique Peru destination. The city’s buildings are fashioned with sillar, a white stone that was quarried from volcanoes that surround the city such as the towering El Misti. For this reason Arequipa is known as the “White City.”

Browse one of the many markets which surround the city square such as the San Camilo Market. In one corner of the market you can try on straw hats, fedoras, and clothing made from Alpaca and on the second floor you can find birds, guinea pigs, and rabbits. There is also a great selection of fresh local produce, cheeses, and marmalades. If you’re feeling adventurous look for the Jugo de Rana (frog juice) stand. Believe it or not, some locals believe the juice has powerful properties that improve memory and brain activity.

Visit Arequipa’s Museums

Stop by the Santa Catalina Monastery, often described as a city within a city, and is one of the most visited of the Spanish era buildings in the city. Construction began in 1580 and by the 17th century it had expanded to over 20,000-square-meters. The monastery was once home to 450 people, a third of which were nuns.

Visit the Museo Santuarios Andinos where the Mummy Juanita is exhibited. Juanita, also referred to as Lady of Ampato or Inca Ice Maiden, is the well-preserved body of an 11-15 year old Incan girl who was discovered in 1995 and only displayed between May and December.

Enjoy the Arequipa’s Cuisine and Nightlife

Another great aspect of a trip to Arequipa is to sample the region’s famous cuisine. Traditional food from Arequipa includes the Rocoto Relleno, a Peruvian bell pepper stuffed with veggies, meat and cheese, and Adobo which consists of pork meat marinated in chicha, vinegar, spices and hot peppers, cooked in a clay pan and served with gravy. If you want to enjoy your lunch in a lively atmosphere make your way to La Cecilia, a restaurant that features a live band with a menu of local cuisines.