A comprehencive guide for selecting the best mixer grinder in 2020

A mixer grinder consists of several things such as blades,A comprehencive guide for selecting the best mixer grinder in 2020 Articles jars, motors and other things. So before buying the mixer grinder, do proper research about the mixer grinder technique and, then, go to buy the mixer grinder.


But you do not have to worry that you Best coffee machines have come to the right place; through this post, I am going to share with you a Comprehensive Guide, due to which you can find a mixer grinder of better quality.


Here we will discuss all the things you should keep in mind when buying a mixer grinder. If you want to buy a better quality mixer grinder at a lower price, then check out the list of best mixer grinders under Rs 2000.




Wattage is the important thing that you need to consider when selecting the best mixer grinder. The wattage is the essential thing, which determines the performance speed of the grinder.

If the grinder has a higher wattage motor, it offers better speed, with which you will be able to grind various solid ingredients effortlessly.

If the wattage on the mixer grinder is high, then it can give you good performance. So it is better that you go for a mixer grinder that has more than 500 wattages.




RPM is also an essential factor that you have to pay attention to when choosing a mixer grinder; RPM means how often the grinder’s blade rotates per minute. Domestic grinders typically have RPMs of 15000 to 23000.

You can easily change the blade’s speed, as all mixer grinders come with a speed control knob to change the speed as per requirement. If you want to buy a grinder for home use, then definitely go for a grinder with a blade rotation speed of around 15000 rpm.